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Traditional Orthodontics – Grayslake, IL

Solutions for Straighter Teeth and Better Bites

Orthodontists have relied on traditional brackets and wires for decades, and there’s a reason for that - they’re incredibly effective when it comes to correcting misaligned teeth. By using a mix of brackets and custom-bent wires, Dr. Ben is able to shift the teeth into the desired position. Our patients also appreciate that traditional braces are an affordable and durable orthodontic solution, perfect for younger patients and adults alike looking to straighten their teeth. To learn more about achieving your smile goals with traditional orthodontics in Grayslake, IL, call our orthodontic office today or submit a consultation request online.

Young woman with traditional braces smiling

Why Choose Grayslake Orthodontics for Traditional Orthodontics?

Traditional Metal Braces

Teen boy with phase one orthodntics appliance in place smiling

Despite the various appliances that orthodontists now offer, traditional metal braces remain the most reliable, especially for complex or severe alignment problems. Made of medical-grade stainless steel, braces consist of metal brackets and archwires that gradually push the teeth towards their ideal positions. Modern braces have been designed to be more comfortable than ever, and they can be customized with colorful elastic ties, letting your child create a unique look that they can be excited about.

3M™ Clarity™ Clear/Ceramic Braces

Woman with 3 M clarity clear and ceramic braces

If you would prefer to avoid having metal braces on your teeth we do offer the option of 3M™ Clarity™ braces that are created using clear or ceramic materials. Typically used for the upper teeth, these braces are far less visible than metal braces, resulting in a more discreet treatment. Keep in mind that good oral hygiene is very important to keep your clear/ceramic braces looking great.


Animated smile with Vector T A S temporary anchorage system in place

Dr. Ben is trained in the surgical placement of temporary anchorage devices (TADs). TADs are small bone screws that are placed into the gums/bone in certain situations to facilitate tooth movement and eliminate unwanted side effects. We are currently using the Ormco VectorTAS™ System, which offers many benefits to our patients. These benefits include:

Laser Gum Recontouring

Orthodontist examining patient's smile after laser gum recontouring

A huge part of creating an attractive smile is not just the position of the teeth, but also having the ideal contour of the gums. If the gums are uneven, then the smile will look uneven. For this reason, Dr. Ben is trained in the use of soft tissue/gum lasers. We currently utilize the Sculp. I.Q. Diode Laser. Our laser helps our patients by:

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

Child relaxing under nitrous oxide dental sedation at orthodontic appointment

We recognize that dental visits can cause anxiety for many people, so we offer nitrous oxide for those who are nervous. Also known as laughing gas, the nitrous oxide is inhaled through a nasal hood that sits over your nose. It results in improved relaxation and diminished anxiety. The effects are quickly reversed after we’re done with your appointment. Nitrous patients are able to walk out of the orthodontic office unassisted and drive home (if they are old enough). Contact our orthodontic office if you or your child might benefit from the use of nitrous oxide during longer or more difficult appointments.

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