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Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology – Grayslake, IL

Modern & High-Quality Care

We integrate the latest orthodontic technology and techniques into each of our customized treatment plans. This helps to ensure each patient achieves and maintains their smile goals.  Learn more about our technologies below.

Advanced orthodontic technology

Why Choose Grayslake Orthodontics?


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Precision is critical when designing an orthodontic treatment plan. That’s why  we use the iTero scanner to create three-dimensional images of the inside of our patient’s mouths. This gives us a clear, precise impression that is more effective than traditional dental putty. We can then manipulate these images to show a patient what their smile will look like after the process is complete.

iTero INTEGRATED Invisalign®

Orthodontist using iTero integrated Invisalign® treatment system

We take advantage of iTero technology to make Invisalign® treatment even more efficient and effective. With our iTero scanner, we can give you a preview of the outcome as well as determine whether extractions might be necessary. iTero is also a useful tool for tracking your progress so we can refine the process at any time. And, since we can quickly submit iTero scans once your treatment plan is complete, you can begin your orthodontic journey much faster.

Sculpt I.Q. Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Sculpt I Q soft tissue laser dentistry system

A diode laser is a versatile instrument in both general dentistry and orthodontics. With the Sculpt I.Q. soft tissue laser, Dr. Ben can perform tooth exposures and other procedures that might be necessary to increase the efficiency of orthodontic treatment. Procedures that use a laser in place of traditional metal tools are much more comfortable and ultimately lead to a shorter recovery time.


Animated image of Vecter T A S accelerated braces

The Ormco VectorTAS™ System is an advanced system of instruments, attachments, and intelligent miniscrews that provides Dr. Ben and our patients all the benefits of temporary anchorage devices (or TADs). These advantages include reduced treatment time, greater comfort for our patients, and even the ability to treat some jaw surgery cases without surgery. This system helps facilitate tooth movement while eliminating serious side effects.

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